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Welcome! LLC is the most trusted vacation rental resource on Little Gasparilla Island. 

We understand that choosing your family vacation spot is an emotional issue and you want to make sure your vacation home is perfect for your needs.

We will communicate with you throughout the decision-making process so you can make an informed decision.

We work hard to build lasting relationships with each and every guest and we are proud to say that many of our guests have returned year after year!

Most people fall in love with the island after just one visit, and return every year.  Others become so captivated that they have purchased their                       own little piece of paradise!  Little Gasparilla Island is a mystical island and we never tire of sharing it with friends and family!


                                               (Aerial view of Little Gasparilla showing Dock 51 and Seagrape Lane)


Why Choose Us?

At LLC, we are backed by over 20 years of experience in the vacation rental             business, and we work hard to find you the perfect vacation spot.

We have lived on the island ourselves for over 30 years and are very familiar with all aspects of                island living.  We began by renting our own home while we traveled in Europe and did antique                   shows in the Midwest and New England.  Our goal was to make our guests feel like part of the                         family and to offer them a well-stocked vacation home that felt like their own beach house.                                 We wanted to avoid the sterile, cookie-cutter ambiance that many vacation rentals offer.  And                             we wanted to share the unique charms of Little Gasparilla Island and allow others to experience                       it and learn to love it as we did.

Then, a few neighbors asked us to help them rent their beach homes. Now, we offer a variety of                        vacation rentals for a select few homes that have been carefully chosen for their quality, their                   location, their amenities and their value.  We are a small family business and we love to share                     Little Gasparilla Island with other families.

Special services available for our guests:

On-island Guest Services Manager...our on-island Guest Services Manager                             is available to help you with whatever vacation needs might arise...whether you need additional                  paper towels, help with your DirecTV or additional beach towels.   She can often provide food                     items or condiments, help with medicinal items or other needs or things that you might have forgotten.

Private Chef.....we offer you the services of not one but TWO private chefs who can cook a fabulous gourmet meal for a special it a romantic anniversary, a special birthday or a family reunion.  (Because of our island location, they do need at least 48 hours notice for shopping and prep. 

Menu planning for a large group will require reservations in advance of your arrival.

Island Concierge....our island Concierge will meet you at the dock with his golf cart and                      help transport luggage and groceries to the house for you.  There is no charge for this service.                       He is also available to help take you back to the dock upon departure.

Grocery Delivery and Shopping Service.....we now offer both a pre-stocking                      service which will have your groceries waiting in your home when you check in OR you can place                   an order mid-week for additional groceries or things you might have forgotten.  We can also arrange               to purchase fishing poles and bait for you if you are unable to bring poles with you or do not wish                    to make a trip back to the mainland to pick up bait.

Trash Removal (Saturday pick-up only)....we always hated having to haul our                    trash off the island when we left so we now have made arrangements to remove trash on Satuday         mornings for our guests checking out on Saturdays.  Unfortunately, at this time we only offer trash          pickups on Saturday.

Contact us at 941-697-6766 so we can personally assist in finding your dream vacation spot! 

                                  Laurie and Buddy Gaines






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941-697-6766 (office)

815-440-0000 (cell)

815-440-0001 (cell)


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Louisa Mahoney, Booking Manager